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Tom on Willow

Exactly what were you hoping for?

A story for my buddies to embarrass me with at events.

Very first impressions?

She was attractive, because effortless, elegant method.

Exactly what did you explore?

More mature men,
Jerry Springer
, how exactly we see all of our professions,
the Guyliner’s blog site

Any uncomfortable times?

Most likely while I informed her she looked older than she had been.

Great table ways?

Best: more effective than mine.

Most sensible thing about Willow?

She’s got many confidence and demonstrably understands what she desires from existence.

Do you really present the woman towards buddies?

She would detest my pals.

Describe the girl in three words

Disarming, mature, material.

What do you would imagine she manufactured from you?

an unfortunate, naive hipster who doesn’t comprehend the value of money.

Do you continue somewhere?

And then the pipe station.

And… did you hug?


Any time you could transform one thing regarding evening, what would it be?

Someone with who I experienced a lot more in common. It had been an attractive night, although chat ended up being primarily courteous.

Marks off 10?


Is it possible you meet once more?

She’s my number, and so the golf ball’s within her judge.

Willow on Tom

Exactly what were you dreaming about?

A gorgeous man, and a flirt.

Initial thoughts?

I felt like he was interviewing me when it comes to very first ten minutes.

What do you speak about?

University, profession pathways, Jerry Springer. I believe I offended him by claiming Really don’t like eastern London, in which he resides.

Any shameful moments?

We informed him he’s ten years more youthful than men i date.

Good dining table ways?

He is a teetotal vegan, so I had the food and drink.

Best thing about Tom?

He’s extremely friendly.

Are you willing to introduce him to your buddies?

Really don’t imagine they’d jump on.

Describe him in three words

Helpful, tall, quirky.

Precisely what do you would imagine he made of you?

He provided me with their wide variety, thus maybe did not imagine I became insane.

Do you carry on someplace?

The guy recommended going for a drink, but I politely declined.

And… did you kiss?

We hugged slightly awkwardly.

If you could change one thing concerning evening, what can it be?

It could be with some other person.

Scars out-of 10?


Can you fulfill again?


Willow and Tom ate at
Bala Baya
, London SE1

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