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    Apartments for rent "Kleptuz Apartments"

    Located in the most picturesque part of Velingrad and within walking distance of one of the greatest treasures of the Rhodopes, Kleptuz Apartments provides each guest with an incomparable 4-season experience, a combination of luxury, quality and comfort, the best location in the spa capital. in the Balkans, urban design (in case you miss the big city), a wide range of entertainment and appropriate activities, all the amenities that will make you feel at home, but also pampered enough, as if you were in a hotel. Last but not least, Kleptuz Apart provides invaluable peace and tranquility that the soul and body long for.

    Kleptuz Aparts - home away from home…

    For a summer escape from the heat, there is a newly opened outdoor pool right next to Kleptuz Apartments. It is located only 50 meters. from the apartments.

    Why choose Kleptuz Apartments

    Perfect location

    Our apartment complex is located next to the emblem of the resort town - Lake Kleptuza. You will immediately feel the breath of clear water and admire the panorama that unfolds before your eyes.

    Innovative design

    The building has just been built and is an expression of our innovative thinking - we have tried to provide conditions for different stays for independent people, families, workers, large households;

    Flexible accommodation

    • You have the opportunity to rent one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments depending on the space you need;

    Innovative concept

    Our concept for transferring the atmosphere of your home within the limits of our complex is the first of its kind for the town of Velingrad! We are pioneers in this regard and offer not only short-term employment for the apartments, but also the opportunity for year-round accommodation and service to our guests. And, as you will see for yourself, at affordable prices!

    Details and furniture

    • The furnishing of the premises is motivated by our striving to make you feel cared for and pampered by guests who at the same time do not feel that they have crossed the threshold of the home;

    The amenities

    We have thought of everything. In our apartments you will find everything you need every day: refrigerator, TVs of the latest generation, coffee machine, electric coffee maker, etc., and our bathrooms are equipped with shower, hairdryers and completely free toiletries. This way you will be sure that you will not be deprived of anything, no matter for how long you have decided or you have to stay in the city;

    • The complex is built with attention to detail, with a taste for life, with a homage to the surrounding nature and in unison with the times in which we live. You will find more about the location, conditions and experience of Kleptuz Apartments in the drop-down menu of the site.

    • We know that time is the most valuable resource a person has, so we deprive you of all unnecessary worries, puzzles and problems, and give you the opportunity to be his sole master - we take care of the stay, needs and amenities, and We leave you to focus only on what is really important. Whether you are running away from the tension, from the same and gray everyday life, or looking for a new place for inspiration, we guarantee that Kleptuz Apartments meets your needs.

    • Kleptuz Apartments is a modern apartment complex, combining all the comforts of a hotel with the comfort and privacy that we associate only with our own home. Conceived and created precisely with the idea of adaptability, but without compromising on comfort, the apart hotel provides its guests with the necessary atmosphere for rest and relaxation from the big city, from the busy everyday life and all the worries, but also all the conditions for work and creative processes.

    Our location

    In "Kleptuza Aparts" your emotions will blossom and the memories will be preserved!



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