Kleptuz apartments and the sights around

Situated in

the most picturesque part of Velingrad and within walking distance of one of the greatest treasures of the Rhodopes, Kleptuz Apartments provides each guest with an incomparable 4-season experience in the best location in the SPA capital of the Balkans, priceless peace and quiet for which the soul and the body long.

Kleptuz Apartments is located near the largest karst spring in the Balkans - Kleptuza, (and probably the most famous landmark in the city) and its adjacent park. Whichever of the apartments in the building you choose, your terrace will have an incomparable 360-degree view of the indescribably beautiful green skirts of Rodopa mountain. Clean air and the authentic atmosphere will undoubtedly awaken your adventurous spirit and at some stage of your stay you will definitely take a long walk through the southernmost district of Velingrad, which gave its name to the whole valley in which Velingrad - Chepino is nestled. There are many places for walking and the greenery is vast. In addition to the pedometer, during your stay in Kleptuz Apart it is good to get a good history book, because the area is dotted with sights to visit.

Езерото Клептуза - един красив парк във Велинград

Kleptuza Lake - a beautiful park in Velingrad

We start with narrow gaugethat you have no chance to miss - the last one running on The Balkans - departing from Septemvri station and reaching Dobrinishte. The real moving attraction passes through the highest existing station on the peninsula (Avramovo) and to this day serves many of the highland villages in the vicinity of Velingrad, and one of its stops is near the apartment complex. Even if you are not afraid of this adventure, at least you can certainly enjoy watching it move along the picturesque road that describes the Chepinska River.

Теснолинейката Септември - Добринище

The narrow-gauge line Septemvri - Dobrinishte

A little more than a walking distance, but again on a very long distance by car, you are waiting Tsigov Chark (where the cleanest air in the country was measured), revealing again amazing views from The Rhodopes and offering freshly caught fish, a boat trip around the Dam and even fishing conditions for amateurs.

Цигов Чарк - остров "Голака"

Tsigov Chark - Golaka Island

More great sights you can visit in the region:

Lepenitza Cave 

Batak - Holy Week

Tsepina Fortress

Pliocene Park Museum

Snezhanka Cave

Broken stone

Photin waterfalls

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Spa manicures and spa pedicures

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Spa treatments are the services that a spa provides. The most popular spa treatment in the United States, by far, is massage. It has been around for thousands of years and has a number of health benefits.

Other popular spa treatments include facials and body treatments like salt glows and body wraps. Most spas have a nail salon offering spa manicures and spa pedicures. Some spas, especially hotel and resort spas, usually have signature services that might combine several different treatments: a body scrub followed by a massage and a mini-facial, for instance.

Many day spas are attached to salons that offer additional service, like hair cuts, coloring, styling and makeup.

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Soothing hydrating treatment

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Once you've been exfoliated and showered off the salt or sugar, you get back up on the table and lay down so the cream, clay, mud or seaweed can be applied. Then you're wrapped up and kept warm for about 20 minutes, hopefully getting a head massage at the same time.

If it's a hydrating treatment, you don't want to rinse off the cream. If it's clay, mud or seaweed, you go back into the shower, then come back for a quick application of lotion.

Body scrubs and wraps often show up in longer treatments called rituals or signature treatments.

AdministrationSoothing hydrating treatment
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Deep tissue massage

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The two most popular massages are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Swedish massage typically covers the whole body with firm strokes but without much deep, focused work. Deep tissue massage massage will use firmer pressure and also include focused work on areas that are especially tight.

Another massage offering on most menus is an aromatherapy massage, which uses essential oils to achieve different purposes, most commonly relaxation. Sometimes the oils are created by companies to achieve different effects, and the therapist asks you to smell a few different oils to find out which one most appeals to you.

AdministrationDeep tissue massage
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Body Treatments

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Sports massage is good if you're dealing with some pain or restriction due to your favorite activities. If you're pregnant, you need the prenatal massage because there are special training, techniques, precautions and equipment for the mom-to-be.

Sometimes a spa will offer a "customized massage" with a fancy name. Frankly, all massage should be customized, but usually they say that this massage will call on the therapist's full range of massage skills, depending on what you need and want. It seems gimmicky, but it may be a way to get a more seasoned therapist who has a command of more techniques.

AdministrationBody Treatments
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Hot stone massage

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Hot stone massage is another massage found on most spa menus. Hot stone massage uses smooth, rounded basalt stones that have been heated in water and retain their heat well. The heat helps warm up your muscles and is very relaxing .. The therapist uses the stones as an extension of her hand and may also place them on your belly, hands or back.

AdministrationHot stone massage
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